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“Who does not grow, declines.”

Rabbi Hillel
(110  B.C – 10 A.D.)

“Growth is the only evidence of life.”

Cardinal John Henry Newman

Days of Disruption – A World for Rent

We have seen the disruption caused by recent startups like Uber and Zipcar which provide rides and autos on demand, eliminating the need to own a car and disrupting the taxi and rental car industries. In an interconnected economy this trend should not be ignored by anyone. Futurist and Vistage Speaker David Houle in a recent blog post concisely summarizes the move from owning to renting and explores the disruption this may cause. Take a minute and get current on this important phenomenon. If you want to explore this further, check out blogger Benedict Evan’s  analysis of potential second order effects of the change in the auto business. Evans works at Mark Andreessen’s (founder of early browser Netscape) VC Firm. This may help you analyze how the rental phenomenon will impact your business whether tied to autos directly or not.

And speaking of disruption, here’s five reasons from Forbes why the beleaguered department store business model is far from dead.

Triggers and Cycles

Blogger Seth Godin offers a simple but powerful insight about behavior that, if you’re aware of it, could put you on the road to breaking those vicious cycles that hold you back or push you back. Take 30 seconds for some insights on “Triggers and Cycles.”  You may start tomorrow on a more virtuous cycle.

How to Steal a Tesla

Check out Vistage Speaker and security IT expert Mike Foster’s blog posting, Stealing Tesla Cars, and Stealing Your Network with Agent Tesla featuring  a video of two British thieves stealing what may be the most technologically advanced car on the planet, the Tesla. Model S, in less than five minutes  (Tesla owners, take note and take action).

Now that your Tesla is safe (if you have one) check out the rest of his blog in which he warns about easily available tools from the “Agent Tesla” site (not affiliated with the car company) that could enable bad actors in your employ to compromise your organization using resources requiring very little technical acumenShare Mike’s blog with your IT team.  Forewarned is forearmed.

SHAMELESS PLUG – Mike Foster is speaking to the Upstate Vistage Groups on August 28 and 29, 2019.

Resumes and Eulogies

Your business card will not be carved on your tombstone. Once we had careers; now it often feels that our careers have us. Take 4 minutes and 58 seconds for a TED Video by New York Times Columnist and PBS News Hour regular David Brooks as he explores the question of whether you should live for your resume…. or for your eulogy.       


Calling Dr. Copper:  Most of us have a sense that our business depends on some economic indicator particular to our industry. One indicator, however, seems to impact nearly everyoneDue to its ubiquity, copper tends to be tied to the demand curves of virtually every global economy and industry. Its short-term predictive power regarding the global economy has earned it the moniker ‘Dr. Copper’ according to ITR Economist Connar Lokar. Find out why he’s concerned about the recent price moves of copper, and why you, and everyone else, should be too.  

Economy Rising: On the other hand, Dr. Brian Wesbury thinks that “something happened in 2017” that augurs for continued growth. Find out why he still sees  an  “Economy Rising”


To Upstate Vistage member Company THS Constructors, recently named the #2 fastest growing large company in South Carolina for 2018! Congratulations to Vistage Members CEO Dana Emberton and Director of Construction Evan Liollio and their team.


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