Kryptonite for the Rest of Us; The GIGO Trap; Days of Disruption; Econ Recon

Only three things happen naturally in organizations:
friction, confusion, and underperformance.
Everything else requires leadership.”

Kryptonite for the Rest of Us

In the comics, Superman’s single weakness is exposure to Kryptonite, a green, glowing rock which if not shielded by a lead box or removed from his immediate vicinity can quickly weaken and kill the Man of Steel.

For us weakling humans, new research warns of what might be called “Kryptonite” for the rest of us:  our smartphones!

The study suggests that our “can’t be without” devices impair our cognitive performance by their mere physical presence, even when we are not using them! What does this mean for your team members and how they work, whether alone or in meetings? This short summary article with links to the original study will make it clear .

The GIGO Trap

Systems engineers have an old saying that has become a large law of life: “Garbage in, garbage out” aka GIGO. However true this might be, it’s not an excuse your market will likely tolerate for shoddy quality in goods or services.

Marketing master Seth Godin revises the acronym with advice that you might share with your team. Find out how he suggests you avoid the GIGO trap  and take responsibility for what your customers really expect.

Days of Disruption

It seems almost ironic that an industry that specializes in the most  tangible of assets, land and buildings, is being disrupted by something that is not tangible at all.

Yet, one residential real estate company has grown to 12,000 agents (doubling from 6,000 agents since January 1 of this year alone) and achieving a billion dollar market cap by doing away with offices and creating a virtual reality workplace for its agents.

Take a quick look at “a Billion Dollar Real Estate Company Operating Entirely in Virtual Reality.”   How long until your office becomes virtual?


The Downside to the Upside: The economy is strong by almost any measure you care to cite. Yet, as economist Brian Wesbury observes, some commentators seem to be able to “find a cloud in any silver lining. “ Take a minute for his latest Wesbury 101 and find out why some pessimists are finding a “downside to the upside”and why he thinks the stock market is 25% undervalued.

Keep on Truckin’ (If You Can): Directly or indirectly, we’re all “payin’ the freight” for the goods we purchase. Whether you’re making ‘em or taking ‘em, the transportation business is hot and getting hotter and so are costs. What will it mean for the cost of your inputs and outputs? Connor Lokar of ITR Economics gives you a look ahead at freight costs.

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