I Have a Dream….What’s Ahead (and Behind ) for Tech….Grit or Wit?…It IS Who You Know….Econ Recon: All The Right Reasons….”Margin Squeeze” ahead?

“ Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.”

Dr. Martin Luther King

We have all heard and seen Dr. King’s eloquent “I have a dream” speech, preached from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963,

An equally compelling manifesto, which I only recently discovered because of a Sunday School homework reading assignment, is Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, written to eight Caucasian Birmingham Christian and Jewish clergymen in response to their public letter to him criticizing his non-violent protest methods and actions. A more compelling definition of just and unjust laws and the responsibilities of good men to live their values actively I have not found. I can think of no better way to honor Dr. King and his impact on our country than to read this 10 page letter.

Tech- What’s Ahead (and Behind)?

Every New Year brings predictions of what’s ahead, and the field of technology, with its propensity for rapid change andits pervasive influence, is of particular interest. Former PC World columnist and PBS technology commentator Robert X. Cringely has just released his annual ten technology predictions for the year aheadAmong Cringely’ s calls for 2015 are how Google may be impacting your lead generation sources; who may buy Twitter; and a look at whether Amazon will start making real money.

You have to like a guy who can admit his mistakes….Unlike many prognosticators, Cringely also looks at his past predictions and shares what he got right…and wrong in 2014.

Grit or Wit?

Talent or Hard work? What drives success? One educational entrepreneur who left a high flying career in management consulting to pursue a life in teaching thinks that children (and adults) can achieve much more by persistence and hard work than previously thought….and should worry a little less about how much natural talent or endowment of “IQ” they enjoy. This thoughtful six minute TED Talk by Angela Lee Duckworth makes a compelling case based on her experience and research that says the Key To Success is Grit! Share this with a young person in your life.

It IS who you know

…..and while we’re on the subject of success….it’s often said that it’s not what you know but who you know. Many of us would prefer that success were totally a function of hard work, skill and education. Relying on contacts seems to many, understandably, as not the right way to get ahead in life.

Recent research, however, indicates that as necessary as effort and hitting the books might be, they are not sufficient for success. Not only is a good network a requirement for success, it needs to be the RIGHT kind of network.

This brief article from Forbes will help you assess whether that big Rolodex you’re so proud of is the right kind of network.…or whether the one you have is actually holding you back!

Shameless Self Promotion Department: Maybe joining a Vistage group is a good first step to a better, more diverse network!! 

Econ Recon

Economist Brian Wesbury looks past the recent market volatility and sees a robust equity market aheadFind out why Dr. Wesbury is “Bullish-For All the Right Reasons”  

In the real economy, Vistage Staff Economist and ITR Economics President Alan Beaulieu advised one of the industry groups he address that a good few years are ahead. However, he does have some warnings:  “We will all face a margin squeeze because we will need to pay good people more to keep them,” Beaulieu said. “The ‘quit rate’ is up, which means people are getting more money someplace else. You will need to put together a package that will attract good people and keep them.”

This article from Supply House Times recaps Alan’s talk and will be of particular interest to distributors.

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