Econ Recon: The Coming Greek Depression and The Plow Horse Economy….. A Dose of Dullness…… United STATs

“Most people stay mediocre to protect themselves against loss.”

Morrie Schechtman, Vistage Speaker.

 Econ Recon:

The Depression is Coming….do you know where your kids are?  There are lots of key indicators regarding the business cycle and the economy.  Alan and Brian Beaulieu of the Institute for Trend Research (  know this better than most and suggest that you watch a new indicator of the coming depression in Greece…..where the well-educated young of the country decide to hang their hats.   Learn more in their recent blog posting “What Happens When a Nation Goes Broke.”

 The Plow Horse Economy:  The economic news recently has not been good but economist Brian Wesbury feels the US economy will continue to plow ahead.  Learn why in his latest 6 minute Wesbury 101 video:  The Plow Horse Economy

A Dose of Dullness

In an increasingly ADD society,  we may easily assign those we find less than exciting among us to the ranks of the mediocre, when in fact dullness in a business person may be a prerequisite to success.   Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times takes a humorous but insightful look at the benefits of being boring.   Check out her article “A Dose of Dullness is Good for Business.”   Her thoughts are echoed by Humorist Joel Stein in his blog post “Boringness: The Secret to Great Leadership.”

United Stats

What the deadliest animal in America?  The rattle snake?  The shark? … According to the hosts of a new show on the History Channel, it’s deer!

 The Sklar brothers from St. Louis are identical twin comedians with a  passion for statistics. Their new show on The History Channel,  United Stats”,  explode a lot of myths and misconceptions about our daily lives while revealing cool info about the world we live in.  For example….  The US has 3.5 million square miles of territory….did you know that our 350 million citizens only take up about 8 % of it?  (So much for overcrowding!).  These humorous and interesting excerpts from the show  may make you a regular viewer. This review of the show is interesting too.