Do you know why your company is GREAT?

Five Companies who Know Why They are Great

Many companies succeed because they’ve been lucky, not smart; worse yet, they don’t know it .  Really great companies truly know why they’ve been great.

Vistage’s premier speaker on creating competitive advantage, Jaynie Smith, was recently cited in a Motley Fool article that looked at Five Companies that Know Why They are Great.   Check it out…and by the way her new book “ Relevant Selling” will be released soon.   Her first book “Creating Competitive Advantage” should be read and discussed by your entire management team.  I know from personal experience of more than one Vistage member that her process can significantly impact a company’s performance.

Social Media Corner:  Google +

Most businesses are still scratching their heads about how to use Facebook.   While you’re getting up to speed on it, be sure to check out Google + which technology entrepreneur and former Apple executive Guy Kawasaki is so sure will be the next big thing that he’s written a book about it.  Take a minute and read this brief interview with him in which he explains Why Major Marketers are Moving to Google +

 Maybe too SIRIous?

The voice recognition software on the Iphone 4S known as SIRI, is one of that device’s most compelling features.  What will SIRI be capable of when the Iphone 5 is released.   A recent four minute video contemplates what might happen if SIRI got a little too SERIOUS.

Econ Recon:  Did You Hear the One About the Suffering of the Middle Class?

Vistage Staff Economist Alan Beaulieu’s blog this week looks at some myths about the decline of the middle class and engages in a little fantasy about a campaign speech we are not likely to hear.

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