Path to the “C” Suite? The American Dream: Over or Just Ailing? Amazon’s War on Retail; Econ Recon: “Look Out Above”

“Never join a pile-on; always hit ’em when they’re up. Don’t criticize the person who’s already being attacked. What’s the fun in that, where’s the valor? Hit them when they’re flying high, and it takes some guts.”

William Safire
Syndicated columnist and presidential speechwriter

Introversion: Path to the C-Suite?

Many think of CEOs as outgoing, charismatic types with perfect resumes and MBAs from the best schools. Not so fast. Recent research from two universities and a leadership advisory firm looked at a wide range of companies from various industries and differing sizes. Their findings suggest that it’s the introverts who have a better chance of being a C-Level executive….especially those who exhibit a particular trait regarding decision making.

A recent Washington Post article Introverts tend to be better CEOs — and other surprising traits of top-performing executives” summarizes research that will be presented in greater detail in Harvard Business Review soon. Required reading if your career is not over!

The American Dream:  “Over…. or Just Ailing?”

The questions as to whether our youth will enjoy their share of the American Dream is creating more than a little national angst. Maybe the answer lies in a shared understanding of what the American Dream originally was, and whether that definition has changed. WSJ Columnist and Reagan Whitehouse speechwriter Peggy Noonan offers some valuable insights regarding “What’s Become of the American Dream?”  in a short and thoughtful essay….and explores whether it is “over, or just ailing?“

Amazon’s War on Retail – and Branding

The Ltd Stores announced a few months back that it would be closing all of its retail outlets. This past week the BeBe store chain announced it would follow suit. Many other iconic retail chains such as Radio Shack, Sears and many others are shuttering anywhere from a few stores to a lot.

Entrepreneur and NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway looks at what may be the most significant factor is this trend; namely “How Amazon is dismantling retail.”  This is a 24 minute video (recorded a week ago) with a current look at this phenomenon. Dr. Galloway’s videos are well researched and presented and he has a compelling way of sharing data.

If you’re in retail,  or sell to it, this video will be time well spent.  His comments on the future of branding are particularly sobering.

Econ Recon:  “Look Out Above”…..Look Out Below

“Look Out Above”: Getting nervous about the economy and market? Brian Wesbury isn’t nervous and thinks both the economy and the market have a ways to go. He says “Look out above” in his recent four minute Wesbury 101 video  “Trumponomics and Stocks.”

Look Out Below: Stocks may continue to head up, but according to Alex Chausovsky at ITR Economics, oil prices aren’t likely to follow. Check out his brief and informative comments on how the oil companies have managed their break even points through remarkable technology, which will allow historically low oil prices to persist.

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