New Day – New Decision; Quitting; Five Things; Innovate or Out; Econ Recon: It’s the Policy, Stupid!

Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.”

New Day – New Decision

One of the best business blogs is Seth Godin’s.  Like everyone else, he saw the eclipse; unlike most, he draws an extremely important business lesson from it.

Quitting, Properly Understood

We’re told from an early age that “winners never quit, quitters never win.” Then we’re told “there’s no use butting your head against a stone wall”. How do you know when to stick it out ….and when to quit?

This short article from Fast Company provides some important insights for determining when to persevere and when it’s better to seek a different goal. And if I may cite Seth Godin twice in the same blog, his little book “The Dip: A Little Book that Teaches You When to Quit and When to Stick” is a priceless resource for those who need some clarity whether to stay the course…or find a new one.

Five Things Every Child Should Unlearn

Many parents are in the process of sending their children off to college; many to their senior year in high school and then to the world of work afterwards. Given the cost of higher education, it is to be hoped that the young people in your life learned much in the academy that will make them successful.

However Suzy Welch, former editor of the Harvard Business Review, has some bad news for the kids; not everything learned in the warm cocoon of school is helpful, and can often backfire in the real world. In this two minute video, Ms Welch identifies five lessons graduating seniors have to UNLEARN immediately after college to be successful.

Share this with anyone you know heading out into the real world (college or even high school senior) so they can start getting ready now.

Innovate or Out!

Much has been written by outsiders regarding Amazon’s remarkable success. Most would agree that success at any company requires innovation and accountability. Check out this blog by a seventeen year insider who observes that Amazon’s unique linking of the two made all the difference and explains why “The Secret Behind Amazon’s Stunning Success Isn’t What You Think.”

Econ Recon: It’s the Policy, Stupid!

Politics or Policy? With the endless political chaos afforded by the 24 hour news cycle, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters in terms of the impact of the president, Congress and Washington upon the economy. Dr. Brian Wesbury, in his latest Wesbury 101 video, provides some insight into the “swamp that everyone says they’re trying to drain” by encouraging us to separate politics from policy and to focus on the latter in looking ahead.

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