For Success – Go to the “SPA” Twice a Day!

The Success Planning Appointment (SPA)

My post from my good friend Mike Scott this past week reminded me of another process he taught me – how to be your best by “going to the SPA” twice each day.

The SPA for Mike is a first-thing-in-the-morning and last-thing-in-the-evening appointment with yourself: your Success Planning Appointment.

Each afternoon, at the end of your day, review your day’s accomplishments. Congratulate yourself when you find, in review, the accomplishment of a significant action. Do not “beat yourself up” if you had a failure. Just consider how you might have done things differently for greater success  and visualize that success.

Each afternoon, at the SPA, review your next day’s schedule and visualize yourself being successful. If you are trying to make a behavioral change (e.g. improved listening skills), vizualize yourself being successful at that new skill or behavior.

Each morning, during your SPA, repeat the review of your day’s schedule and again visualize how you will be successful. Make any changes to your schedule and your execution of your successes based upon insights your subconscious has provided you over the night.

Repeat daily morning and evening for one month. At the end of the month, review how the SPA has improved your success. Think of what behaviors, if they were habits, could improve your success. Repeat the process and add other desired skills or behaviors to your list so that you are working on no more than two things for improvement each month.

Enjoy your trips to the SPA and your increased success!


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