A Fresh Hell; (Re)Minding the Store; Women Who Almost Were (CEO); Do Leaders Need Coaches?; ECON RECON

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A Fresh Hell

The impact of the opioid epidemic is presented to us daily in the news media. Many, including some who may be reading this, are dealing with it within their families. Less well known is the impact opioids, legal or not, are having on business, especially hiring.

This short article provides an overview of an epidemic that is threatening not only lives, but also the industries that support our economy. Learn how “the opioid crisis is creating a “fresh hell” for American employers. How are you addressing this growing problem in your business?

(Re)Minding the Store

The wave of struggling malls and retail bankruptcies due to the rise of online retailing may appear to be universal; but great opportunities can arise from finding exceptions to what appear to be the rules. Amazon may be giving brick and mortar retailers fits, but at the same time its recent purchase of Whole Foods suggests that brick and mortar isn’t done. Maybe the secret sauce is managing what appears to be a declining business in a different way.

To wit, TJ Maxx’s parent TJX is running its stores differently from big retailers like Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. This short article from Forbes asks “How Broken Is Retail?  Not Much If You Look at TJX  and offers lessons for those retailers hoping to survive in the brick and mortar space…. and for those leading other sectors as well. 

Women Who Almost Were (CEO)

More women than ever are reaching the CEO ranks, but not in proportion to their numbers in the overall economy. This recent story from the New York Times looks at the ascent of women in corporate America and explores “Why Women Aren’t CEOs…. According to Women Who Almost Were.”

Do Leaders Need Coaches?

Malcolm Gladwell warned that “No one — not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses — ever makes it alone.”

A recent installment in Vistage Speaker Andi Simon’s new podcast series explores why “Leaders Need Coaches to Succeed.”  Andi invited Vistage Master Chair Allen Hauge to explore this topic with her on a recent podcast. It would be time well spent to spend a few minutes to take in the conversation and share your comments.

While you’re on her site, pick up her book  “On the Brink” with valuable “real life/real CEO” lessons on the need for the CEO to get out of the office (and what to do when you do!).

As spy novelist John Le Carre’ once remarked, “A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”


Productivity equal profits:  Dr. Brian Wesbury continues to be bullish on the stock market for both the short and long term. If you’re a boomer and are wondering if your IRA or 401K will go the distance, take 5 minutes for his latest Wesbury 101 in which he suggests that the remarkable market run of the last eight years is being driven not by “hot money’ from the Fed, but by real economic factors. One big reason may be that Productivity = Profits.

Re-Making it in America: Donald Trump promised to bring back manufacturing to America. He may not need to bother because according to Dr. Alan Beaulieu, it’s already back. However, there is one thing that could impair the ongoing return of what Americans have long considered to be the best jobs to have. Check out his short, fact filled blog post “Made in America.” (Somber hint: it’s directly related to the lead article in this post.)

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