Three Things; The Changes Are Coming! Accountability; Winning Decisions; Let them be Bored

“The greatest stress reliever is a grateful heart.”

The Reverend Dr. Kirk H. Neely
Pastor, Counselor and Author

Three Things

In his 2014 acceptance speech for Best Actor, Matthew McConaughey acknowledged the power of gratitude in his life, and the the three things he needs each day. What are your three things?

Accountability Problems? Mike’s Your Man

Vistage Speaker and Accountability guru Mike Scott sends out Accountability tips monthly. This month’s tip is resonated with me, and with Mike’s permission I have reproduced it on my website. Enjoy!

Winning Decisions in the Pentagon

One of the many joys of military service is as an “Action Officer” in the Pentagon. A recent post on the Army War College website explains how to succeed at getting favorable win-win decisions at high levels in that challenging environment.
The stakes may be smaller in your organization, but the principles of communication and compromise exist everywhere. How are decisions won in your organization?

Let Them Be Bored; It’s Good For Them

Are your children (and you) overbooked this summer? This short read, Psycholgists recommend chldren be bored in the summer, tells us that perhaps we should let our children be bored, so they can learn how deal with that inevitable feeling and condition. [It was OK to bored at my house growing up; it was not OK to complain. “Go out and play; read a book; mow the grass; here’s something you can do for me.” etc. etc.] How do you and yours handle “boredom?”

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