Stories We Tell Ourselves; Predictable Crisis; Angels on Your Payroll? Econ Recon: Take a Hike!

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” 

Stories We Tell Ourselves

The faster the world moves, the more likely it is that all of us will be subject to circumstances we could not have planned for or predicted. If so, how do we cope? Vistage Speaker on Blue Ocean Strategy,  Andrea Simon, suggests that developing our personal resiliency is the core competency that can make all the difference. And just how do we do that? In a recent Forbes article, Dr. Simon suggests that we begin with the stories we tell ourselves. What stories do you tell yourself….and are they helping you be more resilient? 

Also, Dr. Simon’s book ”On the Brink”  just won a Bronze Axiom Business Book Awards.  If you’re looking for a guide that uses real world data on middle market companies that found new ways to compete, gathered “real time” in the field by a professional anthropologist, check it out!

An Utterly Predictable Crisis

Crises, almost by definition, come out of nowhere. However, one crisis has been approaching at a predictable pace for some time but its arrival, although absolutely certain, is still distant enough to be put in the category of important, but not politically urgent; putting action to address it in the same category.

Syndicated Columnist George Will looks at Utterly Predictable Tsunamis of Pension Problems and puts the size and scope of the crisis creeping into perspective: It’s becoming urgent… and neither party is dealing with it. Will your career and retirement strategy be sufficiently resilient to survive this certain storm if the public is called upon to make good past promises? Forewarned is Forearmed.

Angels on Your Payroll

By 2020, 49% of the workforce will be Millennials. Many of the best are asking their would-be employers what is the company doing to make a difference in the community? Many Vistage member companies sponsor a particular charity or cause, but one St. Louis Vistage member has an innovative and compelling approach that helps many such organizations and builds company loyalty.

Jim Maher, CEO of Archford Capital Strategies and a fourteen year member of Vistage CE 175 (and Financial Times Top 300 Advisors), has created the “Archford Angels,” a new program that allows each employee to pick a charity to support with their time, talent….and $1,000 provided by CEO Maher. This 3 minute video features Jim describing this innovative program and its impact on his team, with additional short videos of his employees sharing their passion for the charity they’ve selected to sponsor.

Would your employees, or those you’re trying to attract, find such an opportunity compelling…and how might it make them feel about your company and culture?

Econ Recon: The Truth About Incomes;
and Take a Hike!

The truth about incomes:  Alan and Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics in a short and important blog entry dispel some nonsense about declining American incomes…and issue a warning about the consequences for CEOs. Find out what they have to say about Managing Your Labor Costs.

Take a Hike: Economist Brian Wesbury looks at the overall economy and his advice to the Fed can be distilled to three words:  “Take a Hike!”

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