Star Spangled Banner; Apples or Chewing Gum; Milken It; Econ Recon: May the Fourth be With You


“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Thomas Jefferson

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”
Albert Camus

“My father described this tall lady who stands in the middle of New York harbor, holding high a torch to welcome people
seeking freedom in America. I instantly fell in love.” 

Yakov Smirnoff
Russian born American Comic

The Real Star Spangled Banner

The last line of “The Star Spangled Banner” asks the question “O say does that star spangled banner yet wave….?”   Answer: It does!

The question sounds merely rhetorical, but the actual flag that flew over Ft. McHenry in 1814 has been restored through a project of eight years’ duration. If you want to see the same 30’ by 34’ flag that Francis Scott Key gazed upon during the bombardment of Ft. McHenry, and inspired the poem that become our national anthem, check out this short article from the Smithsonian.

If, like so many young people today, you’ve been deprived of the story of the writing of our national anthem, that article will give you a good summary of a truly American story. (For the curious, a more detailed history can be found here).

Apples or Chewing Gum

Apple’s Iphone, perhaps the most successful consumer product of all time, celebrated its 10th birthday this past week. You may be aware of the effect it has had on you, but these ten charts from Recode paint a broader and more disruptive picture that may surprise you.

Learn how the Iphone has changed our economy in some remarkable and unexpected ways…. From the decline of voice communication to the negative impact on….chewing gum sales!  How has it affected your business?

By the way, you may be killing your Iphone by charging it incorrectly. Check out these 7 Iphone charging tips.

Milken Explains It All (2017 Version)

Every spring, investment banker Michael Milken hosts the annual Milken Conference in Los Angeles.  This gathering features in-depth, well moderated discussions of the most important topics in finance, technology, health, education, government and other areas by participants well versed in the subject matter being discussed.

You can watch the videos of this year’s discussion panels at the Milken Conference website. (Panel discussions, nearly 1700 of them from earlier conferences back to 2002, are also available).

Econ Recon:  May the Fourth Be With You!….and Later Than Sooner

May the Fourth Be With You: Brian Wesbury looks at the US Economy and sees good news ahead. Find out why he says, “May the Fourth Be With You.”

Autonomous Cars-Later than Sooner: Science fiction writer (and scientist) Arthur C. Clarke once remarked that “Technological advancements are vastly overrated in the short run…and vastly underrated in the long run.” ITR Economics President Alan Beaulieu agrees with at least the first part of those remarks. Check out his comments regarding the impact of driverless cars on the near term economy in the latest installment of “On The Road with ITR Economics.”

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