Proximity and Intimacy; Millennials – Where the Median Lies; The Abuse School of Management; Love Life; Econ Recon: Threats to Prosperity

“If we are all in agreement on the decision – then I propose we postpone further discussion of this matter until our next meeting to give ourselves time to develop disagreement and perhaps gain some understanding of what the decision is all about.”

Alfred P. Sloan
Chairman and CEO of General Motors Corporation

“I dread the day everyone on this ship agrees with me.”

CDR Steve Johnson, USN
To his crew upon taking Command of USS City of Corpus Christi (SSN-705), March 7, 1986

Proximity and Intimacy

Tomes have been written about networking. Sales and other professionals are urged to have aggressive networking strategies. While making contact with prospects and influencers is important, is it enough? Marketing guru Seth Godin suggests that the more successful networkers may understand that proximity is not the same thing as intimacy.

Millennials: Where the Median Lies… and the Abuse School of Management

Where the Median Lies: As the Boomers retire the Millennials will be increasingly relied on to run our businesses. How are they doing now? This map shows the median (not the average) income of Millennials by state. (Note the bonus for those who can secure income in Washington DC). More info on median income by state for Millennials and the population as a whole can be found in this  Business Insider article.

While we’re on Millennials, an article from Canadian Business asserts that “Yes, it can be irritating to hear our younger colleagues complain of hurt feelings. But Millennials aren’t wrong to expect a kinder, gentler work environment. The rest of us are wrong for clinging to the useless and outdated notion that to thrive in business, you have to be an _____….” Millennials aren’t coddled—they just reject abuse as a management tactic. “The most progressive bosses today—the ones whose behavior will be tomorrow’s status quo—are demanding without being discouraging, honest without being rude and confident without being cocky.” The best bosses have always been this way.

Econ Recon: Threats to Prosperity (continued)

Last week I shared economist Brian Wesbury’s thoughts on the first of four threats to economic prosperity: monetary policy. Here are the links to the videos on the other four threats: trade, taxation  and spending and regulations.

ITR Economics President Alan Beaulieu offers some preliminary thoughts about the promised infrastructure.

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