Could You Make It Without a Sales Force?….The Sage of Omaha at 32…..Don’t Confuse Me With Facts….Why Wall Street Likes Facebook Better Than LinkedIn

“Think big. Start small. Act now.”

Sven Atterhed

Anything truly new that looks big is indeed to be distrusted.  The odds are heavily against it succeeding.  Successful innovators start small, and above all, simple.” 

Peter Drucker  “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”


“Could You Make It Without a Sales force?”

“Imagine a world in which you were able to fire all of your salespeople and still achieve consistent revenue growth. How would you pull it off?” asks this provocative article (and a link to another article within it) ….it may give you a new way to think about your business.

The Sage of Omaha at 32

 What was The Sage of Omaha Thinking at age 32?   Pretty much what he’s thinking now as it turns out..  The Sage of Omaha got to be that way by following a set of principles he had discerned by his early thirties.   Check out this brief recap of “Warren Buffett’s Winning Ways- Fifty Years On”  and find out why this  “famed investor’s ‘Ground Rules’ from early 1960s hold true.”

Econ Recon: Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts

If it’s the first week of the month it’s time to be confused again.  The monthly jobs report and the new unemployment rate have been released and once again they seem to be in contradiction to each other.  The economy added 163,000 jobs but the unemployement rate rose slightly.  If you’d like to show off your economic sophistication at the next cocktail party you go to, check out this brief  New Yorker article  Where Did All The Jobs Go?      Regardless of the current debates, we need about 300,000 in monthly job growth on average for the next five years to get back to pre-recession levels.

Why Wall Street Likes LinkedIn better than Facebook

Facebook got all the press during it’s IPO but recent results are disappointing, and to many who bought in, worrisome.   LinkedIN, on the other hand, has found favor in the markets…why?  Because it makes money!  This short article has some great insights about what’s important in a business model regardless of what type of business you have.  Learn how and why by clicking here.

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