Accountability Problems? Mike Scott is Your Man

Vistage Speaker and Accountability guru Mike Scott sends out Accountability tips monthly. This month’s tip is resonated with me, and with Mike’s permission I reproduce it here.  ENJOY!

“Let our advance worrying become advance  thinking and planning.”

~ Winston Churchill

Overwhelm and Worry Kill Right Action.
An unplanned project creates overwhelm and inaction.  


How many projects are you currently responsible for?

– Do you have a readily accessible list of them in Excel? In Trello? In your notes?
– Do all of them have agreed on due dates for completion.
– The road to success begins with a plan – a project plan.
– If you’re not getting movement on your projects, take some time to put a plan together for each of them.
– Then each day, before you leave work, plan your next actions on those projects and create a daily SWAT List (SWAT).

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 Raise Accountability – Raise Revenues – Raise Profits! – It’s that simple and you know it!

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“Don’t cheat your people out of the opportunity to win because of your discomfort holding people accountable.”   – Michael Canic

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